Arthour!!! Pas changer assiette pour fromage!

Für Emma und Agathe…. Enjoy ;)

Joffrey was an evil king,

we agreed on that first thing!

Otres Corner was the place we met,

this moment we will never forget.

John wasn´t there to welcome you,

but Mimi, Scrabs and the rest of the zoo.

The first time at the bar we felt really free,

was when we made beer glass music in the sea.

(we even started to sing,

which was an enexpected thing! ;) )

Our place to eat was „Bamboo Shack“,

where the staff loved cambodian cigarette(s)! Why not?

When John finally got home from the Island,

he wondered why it was so silent.

He said : „Apparently rats destroyed a power cable!“

We agreed and hid the knife next to the billiard table.

One highlight of the week was the Sunday Roast,

for this we went flyering on the coast.

The Tuesday Party was the next event,

where we had to write down every earned cent.

Things got pretty weird at the bar,

so we decided we´d say Au revoir,

and enjoyed the rest of our time together,

at another beach in the sunny weather! :)

Anhang 2

Did you get back to Hogwarts already? Back to witches and wizards and magical beasts?? Maybe we could go there by Tuk Tuk this year, I mean, if Emma is okay with driving of course ;)

We miss you a lot!!!

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